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Textaphrenia ! The texting disease

January 8, 2011

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What is texting ?

Well ! 99% of the educated people know what is texting, still if you are from the remaining 1%, I would like to explain you in short what it is :P Texting refers to messaging using mobile phones , etc. India ranks 2nd in the world in the number of mobile phone holders :) . There are about more than 10 different service providers in India. Messaging rates have slashed to an extreme extent. Therefore people prefer to text each other rather than calling :P This is commonly seen in teenagers and hence this disease is found in teenagers ! :P

Text Message

What is Textaphrenia ?

Textaphrenia is a disorder created in heavy texting addicts.For all those people who have are addicted to SMSing please take into consideration the fact that just like mobile radiation heavy texting can also lead to problems related to mental health.
A recent study in Melbourne came up with some alarming conclusions. The study into youth communication habits identified the risks teens face from texting excessively every day, and the symptoms included anxiety, insecurity, depression, low self-esteem and “repetitive thumb syndrome“.

Curative Measures ?

Presently, there is no certified medicine for Textaphrenia, but practical remedies include abstinance, as in the experimentally approved methods…

1). Put your cell on silent, leave it in some “random” place, after some hours, you’re likely to forget where u left it…..personally recommended by me!!!!
ADVANTAGE: Ur likely to kind ur cell after a few hrs…

2). Leave your cell in the car….

CAUTION: Not recommended to leave ur cell phone in parent’s car, unless u want them to read private messages, particularily from ur gf/bf….

3). Leave your cell under the bed….

CAUTION: Not recommended this if ur maid cleans under your bed
*Ur maid may become one cell phone richer….

4) Change ur cell no and dont give it to any1 (this remedy had certain drawbacks…for instance ur coll may be cancelled on a Monday, but since no one could SMS u, u may land up going to college for no uselfull reason when all ur friends are sleeping/eating/Facebook-ing…..

SIDE EFFECTS include..
*Loosing many friends
*Wasting valuable time
*No more Rajnikanth jokes..haha..

5). Leave ur cell in colegel…..this is a slightly RISKY “last option” remedy, since ur likely to loose the cell due to theft, SIDE effects include
*bouts of panic-attacks
*prolonged depression
*parental retribution
Advantage: U mayyyyy get that new cell phone…

Cheers!!! Hope that helped :)

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